by Anna Raimondo // mixed by Tony Regnauld

_ Radio feature for Radia

_ produced by Radio Grenouille (Marseille)

Streaming/Podcast on web (radia.fm) from the 29th August

Alors…the Italian course as a field…hmmm…. of roots. As a thread that ties your own life up, an engine of memories and hidden emotions.

The Italian language course as a game. Languages that run one after another, overlapping each others, that recall themselves as attempts of translation just like Naples and Marsiglia soundscapes emerging from memories of Monique’s, Therese’s, Vivianne’s childhood, who are all over sixty, pensioners and from Marseille, with Italian origins. And Flore, Daniel and Elianne that in the street, present themselves as their translated names in Italian as Fiore, Daniela and Eliana.

Immersion in a soup based on Italian, Neapolitan and French, where to find right gender concordance and how to well pronounce words.

The Italian language course is not a psychoanalytic session. Yet it gives form to a carnal relation with language, which lights sound’s images about how once were Panier and Cabucelle. Olds districts in Marseille which in their memories are “really like Italy”. Dreaming of a warm and sunny Italy, sublimated.

Defined sometimes as babi, spaghetti o ritals, french with italian roots in italian course are debutants, confirmes or faux debutans… Faux debutants is something like faked beginner, maybe the feeling we have when we speak a second language; maybe the society’s condition with migration’s phenomen…

Faux debutants is a feature based on binaural recordings in Naples’s Quartieri spagnoli and in Panier and Cabucelle’s districts in Marseille; recordings in italian course, interviews and dialogues rised in street.