Dear all,

I have the pleasure to invite you to listen to the new radio piece “It’s all so dark”, made with Younes Baba Ali,produced by Kunst Radio and curated by Stefano Perna in his project ” A short guide to becoming-bat“.

You can listen to it, sunday 13th november at 23,03 p.m., in streaming on Orf Kunst Radio  or on the frequencies of Oe1.ORF if you live in Wien.

For more information, visit Kunst Radio web  or read the informations below.

I hope you enjoy!

© Younes Baba Ali

by Anna Raimondo with Younes Baba Ali
Lenght: 20’
Language: EnglishMass media, radio included, are a redundancy of normality: they reflect the stereotype, the expected, the well known.
“It’s all so dark!” is a different radiophonical space, a kind of radiophonical labyrint, a guide to the loss, a no-guide. Where the voice doesn’t follow a logic and sounds are indecipherable (often result of recordings that arrive where earing doesn’t arrive such as micro contact recording, hydrophone recording, etc.).
It’s not possible to ear “It’s all so dark!” in the traffic, neither while you’re cooking. Because it demands two conditions of listening: absolutely dark and a pair of very attentives ears. For loosing and maybe find yourself.