Why am I looking for audio self portraits?

 I am doing an itinerant workshop as a time space to share my research on the possibilities of sound self-portraits.

After “Como transformarse en radio en algunos instantes” at Fine Arts University of Madrid (february 2012, organized by extension Bellas Arte and Off Limits), next destination will be from the 20th to the 26th of May 2012, at The Cube in Rabat (Morocco), during the workshop-residence PLAP organized by the artists Younes Baba Ali and Simo Fettaka.

During the workshop I will organise different listening sessions about the possibilities of sound-radio self portraits, questionning the format in itself and the relation between the intention of the artist and the interpretation of the audience.

On the 26th there will be also a listening session open to the public, in which we will diffuse a selection of the works and the productions realized during the workshop.

In the future a selection of those works will be also diffused on a curated by Saout Radio, a moroccon web radio on sound and radio art coming (with previous agreement of artists).


Special requirements for this selection:


I am looking for self-portraits in French or Arabic or just soundly pieces. When the text it is not relevant, of course, it does not matter if it is in another language, or whenever the artist engages himself in translating his work in French it will be ok.


Normally I would prefer short pieces (max 8 minuts).


How to send your work:

Sending a short text (max 200 words) and a short bio (max 200 words), your details contacts (mail and web site) and your piece trough wetransfer en .wav or trough a link where I can listen to it to



The deadline is the 15th of May. We will come back to you before the 20th of May.


Radiophonically yours,

Anna Raimondo