Dear all
I am glad to inform you that I will present my sound installation, “False Friends”,
during the international exhibition “Secret Whispers”, curated by Seila Fernandez
Arconada, at the Island Gallery, Bristol. This exhibition is a part of the Bristol Biennial 2012.

“False Friends” is produced by Kunst Radio, 2011

Sound Mixing : Tony Regnauld

14th of June 2012, 6 pm
at the Island Gallery
(at the Old police Station,
Bridewell street,
Bristol BS12QD)



+ info:

Secret Whispers

This project is a call for artists to explore creation from misunderstandings and misinformation.
The lack of certainty in this “public event” is essential to create a narrative. In these days communication
involved two important issues to be considered, language and technology mediation. The project translates this process of communication into a game, taking the game Chinese whispers as a metaphor. The game is based in misunderstandings and how a message could be distorted through a thread of people. This project is a call  for artists all over the world to participate creating a “common message”, a “common story”.