Music for Fireworks
Site-specific sound installation in public space

Cassette player, loop cassette from “Music for Royal Fireworks” by Handel

(Imperial War Museum, London, June 2012)

A proposal by Hannibal Andersen, Anna Raimondo and Artur Vidal

Ma Sound Art, LCC (London College Communication)


Add a cassette loop coming from a small radio and situate it in between two large cannon sculptures, that belong to the local architecture: this is the premise of Music for Fireworks. Surplus sound in a given context. A simple gesture, a memory trace, but not as something that matters, as Kaprow mentions. A temporary space, which brings out the listening as an aesthetic and political practice.

During the exhibition on the 27th of June, the work was exhibited less than one hour, until the security guardian of the Museum forced us to take it off. Was this a question of public order? Or a matter of publicness?