Arm wrestling series.

 #1- Swearing (5’35’’)

#2- Are you listening to me? (8’45’’)

Documentation-based video installation, about sonic site-specific interventions in public spaces (September- October, London, 2012).

 #3 – A man and a woman

Interactive sound installation for unusual space.





When arm-wrestling, two people break an initial balance in a play of physical forces. In this project, the arm wrestling is enacted each time by two recorded voices. Carrying different political connotations and embodying different degrees of powers, the voices expose the limits of communication.  Here, the game is about hegemony in communication with each arm wrestle forming a metaphor for the tension and failures of the communication process.


You can discover this and more works until the 24th of November at the Nursery Gallery (London College Communication), in the MA Sound Art final show “…on the boundary of sound…” curated by Mark Jackson.