Artists: Giulio Ammendola (IT), Sajid Akbar (IN), Younes Baba Ali (MA-FR), Isabelle de Mullenheim (FR), Esther de la Rosa (ES), Stefano Giannotti (IT), Holly Ingleton (UK), Kelly Mark (CA), Christof Migone (CA),  Etienne Noiseau (FR) , Nichola Scrutton (UK), David Toop (Uk), Volti, (FR).


Visual art history defines an art-work as a self-portrait. However, in sound and radio art, as the tradition is still relatively young we are invited to question the genre itself.

What are we speaking about when we talk about radio self- portraits? Here the question opens toward a research on its possibilities rather than a statement about its definition.


What are its basic elements? Is it up to the artist and their intention – rather than the audience and their listening – to make it?
What happens in the radio, when the artist gives up their body and enters into a sound space where the listening re-gives volume to their presence, identity, desires and thoughts?

The listening session curated by Anna Raimondo proposes a panorama of contemporary audible art, inviting you to open your ears to a multiplicity of radiophonic-selves. It invites you to discover clips from generations of artists from Europe, Canada and Africa, ranging from soundscapes to the spoken word, from experimental radio shows to radiophonic music.

When: Thursday 22nd November 2012
Where: Invisible Picture Palace, The Wapping Project, E1W 3SG
Tickets: £3 in advance, £4 on the door.

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