Graphics: Silvia Renda

Graphics: Silvia Renda

We are all radio creatures!
is a radio happening initiated by Anna Raimondo with the complicity of with the participation of:
Marcelo Armani (Br), Sajid Akbar (In), Dominique Balaÿ (Fr), BASE-Moinho (Br), Maison Bergamini (Be), Riccardo Bergamini (It-Be), Touda Bouanani (Ma), Le Cube – independent art room (Ma), Canecapovolto (It), DinahBird (Fr), Mauro Espindola (Br), Pedro Gallego (Br), Magz Hall (Uk), Khaled Kaddal (Egp), Ali  Khodr (Br-Lb), Luciene Lamano (Br), Francesca Masoero (It-Be), Jeanette Mauricio  (Nor),Camila Mello (Br), Bruno Mendonça (Br),   Paim Claudia (Br), Despina Panagiotopoulou (Gr), Philippe Petit (Fr), Anna Raimondo (It-Be), Leticia Rita (Br),Renata Roman (Br),Dan Scott (Uk), Gael Segalen (Fr),   Ghita Skali (Ma), Thiago R (Br), Sec_ (It),

Assistant in logistics and communication: Francesca Masoero
Graphic design: Silvia Renda

We are all radio creatures! is a project of intimate geography joining people and spaces chosen from the artist, through a moment of collective and common listening via streaming in physical spaces all around the world.
Apartments, art and music centers, galleries will resonate locally and in unison the 28th of June, proposing a listening session to its local audience.
The playlist is composed by an aggregative curatorial approach in which each one proposes some works to diffuse, with the intention of defending a plurality of approaches to the radio art today.

because radio is a public space
because radio is dissemination
because radio is uncontrollable
because radio is everywhere
because radio is its listeners
because radio is aggregation
because radio is plural


June 28th

BASE-Moinho (Br)-  5,30
San Paulo (Br)-  Ibrasotope, Rua Januario Miraglia 43- 5,30 pm
Rabat (Ma) – Le Cube Independent Art Room – 8,30 pm
Canterbury (Uk) – 9,30 pm
Kent (Uk)- 50 Athleston Rd, Margate, Kent, CT92BH- 9,30 pm
Brussels (Be)- Maison Bergamini Rue de la Senne 17- 10,30 pm
Catania (It)- Scuola Fuorinorma via Cervignano,15  Catania- 10,30 pm
Paris (Fr)- Dinah Bird and Gael Segalen’ appartments – 10,30 pm
Marseille (Fr)- Philippe Petit’s appartement -10,30 pm
Nimes (Fr) – 18 rue Pasteur 30000 – 10,30 pm
Naples (It) – Via San Bartolomeo 5, 80133 – 10,30 pm
Trondheim (Nor), Veimester Krohgs gate 8 – 10,30 pm
Alexandria (Eg), Khaled Kaddal’ s appartment
Athens (Gr), Sofia Simaki, Exarhia, Athense – 11,30
New Delhi- Sajid Akbar’s apartment 1,30 am