Me, Lucia and everyone who is listening, 2014.

Interactive sound installation. Courtesy of the artist and of the gallery Arte Contemporanea Bruxelles

IMG_3084A Dadaist collage taken from the conversation between Lucia Farinati and the artist runs over the show’s concepts again. The vocal ping-pong is broadcast by two radios facing each other within the gallery’s bureau.

In Between

Sonic multi-channel site-specific installation for urban space (16 speakers). Variable dimension. Courtesy of the artist.


The project has been selected for the project “Vitrine Sonore”, curated by Philippe-Auber Gauthier at Sporobole Art Center, during the festival “Espace IM Média 2013” in Sherbrooke (CA). With the support of the project DE.MO./MOVIN’UP I session 2013, by MINISTERO PER I BENI E LE ATTIVITA’ CULTURALI AND GAI – Associazione per il Circuito dei Giovani Artisti Italiani.

The sounds of Sporobole’s doors and windows (fissures, hinges, surfaces) have been recorded using an array of different microphones and techniques to capture a combination of both recognizable and abstract sounds. These sounds have then been composed alongside the use of silence, working on the idea of sonically translating the limen between private and public space. “In Between” questions and re-imagines the relationship between private and public space, looking for intermediate acoustic spaces. The result is a site-specific sonic atmosphere diffused on 16 speakers outside of the art center, to be possibly adapted to other spaces.

To listen:

With the support of the project DE.MO./MOVIN’UP I sessione 2013


Me, Foucault and everyone who is listening

Sound installation (mono). Courtesy of the artist

Dirty Ear“Me, Foucault and everyone who is listening” is an interview between my voice and Michel Foucault’s voice, both speaking in English (not our mother tongue),  talking about the concept of parrhesia.  It is my response to the forum-exhibition “Dirty Ear” about sound, multiplicity and public space, organised by Brandon LaBelle in January 2013 ( Errant Bodies, Berlin).

Fragments from “Michel Foucault Audio Archive. Discourse and Truth: Parrhesia, 1983” are taken from the web-site:

Brandon LaBelle, 2013

Brandon LaBelle, 2013

Arm wrestling (A man and a woman)

Arm wrestling # 3 (a man and a woman), 2012

Site-specific interactive sound installation. (Two radios, arduino, 2 radio-transmitters). Courtesy of the artist.

© Younes Baba Ali

© Younes Baba Ali

“Arm wrestling # 3 (a man and a woman)” is a site-specific interactive sound installation for two radios. One broadcasts a man’s voice, the other a woman’s. The voices exchange words whose connotations change according to gender.

From this to this

Sound Installation (stereo)

En collaboration avec Maria Iñigo Clavo. Courtesy of the artists

Marseille © Younes Baba Ali


A virtual guide of the world, seen from on high. Differents points of view, taken by various points of the sky. Teheran, Salvador de Bahia, Madrid’s cable railways create sound imagination’s spectator.. He/she is invited to travel through his/her memories and to draw one map of the surroundings of his/her house 10 or 20 years ago. A chart of collective memory of the city.

How would I explain to my mother that what I do is useful?, 2011

Sound Installation (Cassettes tapes and headphones)

Variable dimensions. Courtesy of the artist

« How would I explain to my mother that what I do is useful ? ». A simple question for a complex situation. This same question is what inspires this intervention, which offers a recording point for the public and a point of listening which contains the answers of different artists.

Home sweet home, 2010

Sound interactive installation (Wooden structure, cd player, speakers)

Courtesy of the artist.

“Home sweet home” is a sound installation based on an interactive listening point shaped as a wooden house. The visitor activates different family soundscapes by introducing his-her head inside the structure. The soundscapes, originally recorded by several families in their own homes, have been edited into a single composition.