Il était une voix, 2014

Radio portrait (Stereo).

Produced by Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles with the support of the Belgian archives Sonuma, Radio Panik and Acsr in the context of the project “100 ans de la radio belge”.

visuel IEUV final

A group of listeners from different cultural horizons was invited to listen at a radiophonic voice taken from the Belgian public radio archives, which have marked the history of national radioin the past. The listeners were asked to imagine this voice describing her/his face, her/his behaviour, her/his political position, and so on.

The work, done with the most significative responses, proposes a collective portrait of the voice-mystery within a reflection on the acousmatic condition of the radiophonic voice.

C’era una volta il telefono, 2014

Radio documentary in 4 episodes.

Produced by Tre Soldi, RAI ( IT)

signora_Ventriglia al telefono

Skin Voice , 2013-2014

Participatory radio performance (stereo), also adaptable to an acousmatic live performance.

Realized during the residency at the art center Ker-Thiossane (Dakar, SN, 2013) and during the “Art’s Birthday” organized by the Belgian public radio RTBF (Brussels, 2014).

Skin Voice

 “Skin Voice” is an interactive performance based on a single instruction: listeners are invited to call the radio studio and imagine the person behind the voices peaking to them, on air. How does the audience imagine her/his nose? Her/his eyes? How do listeners’ voices build her/his body and personality? How much and which kind of information can a voice convey?

Carroussa Sonore, 2013

Radio feature by Younes Baba-Ali et Anna Raimondo.

Produced by:  Deutschlandradio Kultur & Saout Radio

Lenght : 51’52”

“Carroussa Sonore” is a radio feature realised by the artists Younes Baba-Ali and Anna Raimondo, who recycle and re-compose sound fragments from the homonymous curatorial project on sound art proposed by Younes Baba-Ali in public space of Rabat, in June 2012. The selection was made of 15 sound works selected internationally, diffused through the Carroussa (a local artisanal device used to diffuse coranic cd’s in Morocco) in the streets of Rabat. The project, creating an ephemeral soundscape and conditioning the normal perception of the landscape, build a second temporary architecture. The documentary evokes this experience in an impressionistic coral collage made by the voices of participant artists, mixed with original recordings on the Carroussa in Rabat while it was playing the sound works. The object of Carroussa itself becomes protagonist of this feature, as a kind of fil rouge for unifying different voices, linking different times, the time of the diffusion in the street in June 2012 with the radiophonic listening in the present moment of radiophonic audience. This feature becomes a way to reflect in a poetic way on radio as a public space in where to diffuse sound art and on listening as an aesthetic and social experience.

Les dames du téléphone, 2012

Produced by ARTE Radio.

Documentaire: 11’27”


Aujourd’hui elles ont toutes un portable, voire un smartphone. Mais Roselyne, Maryse et Colette se souviennent de l’arrivée du téléphone fixe dans leurs vies. Ces dames de Marseille racontent un monde pas si lointain, un monde de cadran, de bottins et de demoiselles. Où il a fallu apprendre à dompter cet objet mystérieux.

Enregistrements : 18, 19 décembre 11
Mise en ondes & mix : Samuel Hirsch
Réalisation : Anna Raimondo

Pour écouter:


Anna Raimondo as a radio creature, 2012

A radio show curated by Stefano Perna, Radio Resonance, February 2012

‘Anna Raimondo as a radio creature’: An immersion in Hertzian waves trough the ears of this Italian girl who now is learning how to speak English… From Naples to Madrid, passing fthrough Marseille and crossing the no-where, a sort of surrealistic radio cartography to discover…the curator: Stefano Pernathe radio artist, sometimes just artist: Anna Raimondo the correct voice in American English: Andrea Zarza sound engineer: Nathan Fustec
With thanks to Kunst Radio for the extracts  ”La vie en bleu”, “it’s all so dark!” and “False Friends” (Anna Raimondo, 2011).

You can listen to it following this link:

It’s all so dark!

By Anna Raimondo with Younes Baba-Ali.

Produced by Kunst Radio, curated by Stefano Perna

It's All So Dark Visuel


English with Ralph!, 2011

By Anna Raimondo

Sound mixing by Tony Regnauld.

Produced by Kunst Radio, 2011.

Length: 23,50

The synthetic radiophonic English teacher Ralph is set to communicate, but it feels all alone. It’s not human but it can think. All in all it’s there to make you think. In English.
When you learn a language, some words that look or sound the same in your mother tongue can actually mean something different and induce you into embarassing situations. Even when you speak in your mother tongue, or with your best friend, you might feel misunderstood.
“English with Ralph, using the pretext of an English interactive radio course, is a form of didactic surrealism. The result is a sound mixture, as illogical as it is instructive, on communication’s aporias.

You can listen to it following this link:

False Friends, 2011

Radio composition (stereo), also possible as a stereo sound installation.

Produced by Kunst Radio (AT).


false friends 1

False friends are a source of misunderstanding, but in the present work, they become the material of a composition based on different voices, telling similar words with different accents and meanings (Italian, French, Spanish, German, English), which the artist de-structures through a dadaist collage of cut up words. These words are transformed into a voice and language nonsense polyphony, through a progressive superposition. Playing on pitch of voices telling the same things with different accents, the montage rips up the language in itself.


La vie en bleu, 2012

Soundscape’s composition (stereo), also to be adapted for a multi-channel sound installation.

Sound mixing by Tony Regnauld.

Produced by Kunst Radio (AT).

First prize as best soundscape at the sound art competition “Piars”.

Text by Stefano Perna for the radio art show “Anna Raimondo as a Radio Creature” (Radio Resonance, London, UK, 2012)

“The waves we are talking about when we’re on the radio are a special kind of waves that are able to ruffle the ether, this fictional substance within which the electromagnetic resonances of disembodied voices and sounds propagate.

But there is a wave domain which extends on a different plane, which moves and stirs a different matter, perhaps a denser matter, a matter in which the sound runs faster, sound travelling across continental distances bringing echoes of unheard depth.

This is clearly the sea. A huge, unstable, resonator that is continuously evolving.

The sea is the main character of the piece by Anna Raimondo entitled “La Vie en Bleu” (Life in blue). The sea is a strange variant of the radiophonic ether with its continuous wave-cycle, capable of creating pathways and connecting distant places. In this case, the two marine cities of Naples and Marseilles. They become the terminals of a radio bridge that extends under the water.

Is the sea a primordial form of radio? Just think of those animals that communicate at very great distances in the deep oceanic waters, sending signals to be carried by the motion of the sea. This piece invites us to tune in to this sort of underwater radio. Becoming-whale. Becoming-dolphin.”


Grammaire au marché, 2011

Soundscape  and voice by Anna Raimondo, 2010 // Lenght: 4’37”

Résultat d’un atelier avec C. Modica, à Radio Grenouille.

Un dimanche matin, au marché de la Belle de Mai à Marseille. Un mini-cours de phonétique et grammaire française pour découvrir un mystère: comment dire la e?


Sound postcard from Teheran

Soundscape by Anna Raimondo // Lenght: 2’10”

Result of workshop with Jean Philippe Renault in Seconde Nature festival.

People trying to have a normal life: market sound like normal markets, children sound like normal childrens. Just fireworks sound differently…


Polaroide sonore 1: Marseille, 2010

ph. by Silvia Renda

Marseille in December. It snows. An intensive emotional sound shoot: An hymn for the most important street of Marseille, la Canebière.

Lavapiés Chipèn. Memoria de un barrio, 2010

Soundscape by Manuel Calurano Ramos and Anna Raimondo

Length: 8′ 13″

Prix Madrid Abierto 2010

The police horses,  some children playing in the streets, Rastro’s market, some musicians in the public space, bells, cars, those are some of the sounds that build up the soundscape of Lavapies’ neighborhood in the south of Madrid. A series of interviews with old people, who was born in the neighborhood, recompose Lavapiès’ sound memory.